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Prada’s 3-Button Suit

I must admit that I’m a big fan of Miuccia Prada. I’ve found that whatever she does for menswear or womenswear tends to make a lasting impression. Her concepts and ideas are typically a few seasons ahead and trickle their way down to mass consumption or influence at some stage. Behold the new statement for Spring 11 menswear: The 3-Button Suit.

Set to a youthful tailored collection, these jackets are obviously slim-fit, almost to the point of looking nipped. But 3-buttons? We haven’t seen this in menswear in a very long time, making Prada’s comeback of the style looking fresh though perhaps a bit surprising. However, Z by Zegna also featured 3-button jackets, although much more relaxed. While the notion of a 3-button jacket or suit may seem radical now, I’m sure some interpretations will work their way into mainstream menswear give or take a few seasons.



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Emporio Armani Is Hot Like Mexico

Emporio Armani’s Spring 11 show was quite the aggressive and somewhat erotic flash of skin and black leather. Bermuda shorts worn over meggings (yes, still) are a more conservative expression in comparison to sleeveless jackets, slick snakeskin patterns and silky Hugh Hefner pants worn with blazers over bare-chested models. In case there was any doubt Emporio Armani’s Alejandro Lady Gaga reference, a clip of the video played during the show’s finale.

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Liberation Par Karl

Just arrived in NY from Paris and I have to thank Air France for providing me with a free copy of today’s Liberation newspaper, which Karl Lagerfeld guest edited. While I didn’t exactly read it cover to cover, the Kaiser’s illustrations throughout the 24-page paper have an impressive voice across all sections from economy to soccer. Oh and of course the Coca-Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld ads are in there too. Which reminds me that I have a very special Karl Coke delivery coming to the NY office tomorrow.

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Bikers, Military? Here To Stay.

As we actively post runway from Milan this week (as well as Fast Track trends), I would like to highlight a few familiar hits that return from last season. While some may perceive menswear as slower trend-wise than womenswear, menswear collections are actually quite smart in that they keep best sellers going with new variations, all the while staying true to the brand’s own look. Two big trends that come to mind which we’re seeing on the Spring 11 runways include Bikers and Military.

Bikers, in the most obvious example, are back as biker jackets. Christopher Bailey at Burberry applies the notion of tough biker guys as his chief inspiration point, complete with studded jackets and moto pants. Other designers take biker reference to mean the asymmetrical zip on a jacket, which is applied in updated styles such as softer jackets or vests. Burberry even has some of its own soft biker styles. It’s a trend that is currently happening at retail which is sure to continue.

Burberry, Spring 11

Burberry, Spring 11

John Varvatos, Spring 11

Frankie Morello, Spring 11

Military is another such reference that we see applied in a similar manner to biker jackets. It doesn’t have to be a total head-to-toe look (and really isn’t so far anyway this season). There are countless elements in which to express military – from epaulets to flap pockets, trench coats and button series. Burberry also hits high marks in the military category (it is their heritage, is it not), but we also see military influence seep in at John Varvatos and Cornelliani.

Burberry, Spring 11

Burberry, Spring 11

John Varvatos, Spring 11

Cornelliani, Spring 11

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Polo’s Legends Clinic: Talk to Boris Becker Live Today

Polo Ralph Lauren has one hell of a marketing team, and has been at the forefront of technological advancements like their touch-screen store windows which launched a few years back.

Now they have a concept called “merchantainment” which blends the world of being a retail merchant and entertainment. Clever guys! The newest development in merchantainment involves Polo’s online Legends Clinic which will feature 3-time Wimbledon champ Boris Becker live on to answer tennis related questions TODAY at 11am EST. The interactive tennis clinic with Becker will run for 1 hour. With 5 hours and change to go (from time of this post), there are already 47 questions lined up.

Becker has had a long relationship with Polo, starting in Wimbledon 2007 when he was the official brand ambassador and wore Polo exclusively for the tournament. But today, this type of brand ambassadorship is smarter and wiser. While not all tennis fans wear Polo, any tennis fanatic is probably interested in hearing what Boris Becker has to say about his career, game strategy, etc. I bet there will be a lot of people who log on today for the clinic, and that in turn will probably drive a lot of traffic to at least view, if not make purchases from Ralph Lauren’s Wimbledon Collection.

There’s only one small glitch – the links within the Wimbledon Collection to “Shop Men” and “Shop Women” aren’t working at the moment. Come on Polo, you have 5 hours and counting!

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The Cobrashop

Mark the “Cobrasnake” Hunter has done his part in elevating Los Angeles culture with his nightlife photography. Now he has his own shop – for reals! The Cobrashop opened to the public yesterday and is a wild and crazy mix of all things Mark.. from items from his Cobrasnake x RVCA line, limited edition and past collection pieces from Jeremy Scott and Shepard Fairey to a bunch of kitschy thrift items. There’s art installations (check the Cobrasnake mural), oh and Todd Selby made a guest appearance and signed copies of his latest book there too. The temporary shop is in the Hollywood & Highland Center (yes unexpected but also kind of Mark in that way) and will remain open through September.

Fun right? On the website, there are snapshots of hipsters in the garb that’s sold in the Cobrashop, which add a nice element to the street snapshots-meet-retail concept. Once a street photographer earns a strong enough following for his style, the next step is inevitably brand collabs and/or a kick-ass retail outlet. I’d imagine there will be a lot of snapshots taken this summer at the Cobrashop, perhaps a tome is already in the making.

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Live From Milan, Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is the next brand to expose a runway presentation to the masses. This Saturday, the company will feature its Spring 2011 show on the LED screen in Milan’s Piazza Duomo. While the runway show will take place earlier in the day, the projection will be aired at 7:30pm; perhaps not to interfere with any World Cup games.

This is not the first time we’ve seen runway broadcasts for the public. Last season in New York, Alexander Wang projected his Fall 10 show on the American Eagle Outfitters billboard in Times Square.

While Wang’s projection generated a lot of buzz and probably confusion from tourists, I think Calvin Klein’s initiative might make a bit more sense since it’s a household name as opposed to Wang, who is still building his empire. While I’m sure only a very small percentage of viewers will actually buy into any designer collection, Calvin Klein has SO MANY licensed products. I’m sure the brand exposure on an LED screen in Piazza Duomo will ultimately be great for products like fragrances or underwear, without the mention of either on the big screen.

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