Bikers, Military? Here To Stay.

As we actively post runway from Milan this week (as well as Fast Track trends), I would like to highlight a few familiar hits that return from last season. While some may perceive menswear as slower trend-wise than womenswear, menswear collections are actually quite smart in that they keep best sellers going with new variations, all the while staying true to the brand’s own look. Two big trends that come to mind which we’re seeing on the Spring 11 runways include Bikers and Military.

Bikers, in the most obvious example, are back as biker jackets. Christopher Bailey at Burberry applies the notion of tough biker guys as his chief inspiration point, complete with studded jackets and moto pants. Other designers take biker reference to mean the asymmetrical zip on a jacket, which is applied in updated styles such as softer jackets or vests. Burberry even has some of its own soft biker styles. It’s a trend that is currently happening at retail which is sure to continue.

Burberry, Spring 11

Burberry, Spring 11

John Varvatos, Spring 11

Frankie Morello, Spring 11

Military is another such reference that we see applied in a similar manner to biker jackets. It doesn’t have to be a total head-to-toe look (and really isn’t so far anyway this season). There are countless elements in which to express military – from epaulets to flap pockets, trench coats and button series. Burberry also hits high marks in the military category (it is their heritage, is it not), but we also see military influence seep in at John Varvatos and Cornelliani.

Burberry, Spring 11

Burberry, Spring 11

John Varvatos, Spring 11

Cornelliani, Spring 11


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