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LINstallation @ Merci

This past weekend, I popped into Merci (yes THAT Parisian concept store that is truly worth all the buzz it generates) to see “Linstallation by Masters of Linen”. Both fashion and home products in linen were represented in a bold way from the very entry point of the store. Linen scarves were featured prominently in rich vegtable dyes and bins were filled with linen pillows. I was particularly impressed with the selection of linen bedding on the top floor.

Displays throughout the store pronounced the Linstallation and hand-outs informed customers of linen’s various properties, like the fact that 85% of linen is produced in Europe, linen promotes eco-responsible cultivation with zero irrigation or waste and is 100% recyclable.


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Garden of Edun

Edun is probably my favorite go-to eco/socially conscious label. From the very beginning of all things green to a deeper meaning and social initiatives to aid Africa, Ali Hewson and her rocker hubby Bono have been leaders in the market. Now they’ve got a few new tricks up their sleeves.

First, they launched a new website, and although it still seems to have some kinks – as in I can’t find a way to shop, you can view the lookbook which features models set to African backdrops, and as you scroll over their bodies/clothing, you see video shorts of natives mixed with the models in Edun clothing. I think it makes for a nice touch of transparency, both to the collection and the initiative.

Now onto tees. The Kenya Kids project features super cute hand-drawn designs from students in Kenya. 100% of the proceeds go to funding for school lunch and health care.

Another great initiative is Edun’s “Grow To Sew” t-shirt line, which launched last week in Barney’s New York. The t-shirts are both inspired by Africa and created exclusively in Africa, yet another initiative to make African apparel production a sustainable industry. The tees retail for $50 and 100% of the proceeds go to the Conservation Cotton Initiative in Uganda. A truly fashionable cause to buy into!

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Nigo from A Bathing Ape is onto his next big venture. PASS THE BATON is a ritzy kind of consignment shop whereby Nigo selects the merchandise himself. A PASS THE BATON shop opened in Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills mall but there’s also an online store that makes the buyer/seller connection a little more visible, providing an intimate link (via profiles) of the parties and products involved. Current mixed product on offer includes a Ralph Lauren sweater, a Run DMC tee shirt and little figurines like one of Barney & Betty Rubble.

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Word To Your Mother: 5 Eco Faves for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, show a little respect with our list of 5 Eco Faves. From the early adaptors to the newcomers, the companies listed below draw upon some part of the eco trend, from eco-friendly materials or manufacturing to organic and recycled materials, Fairtrade production and social initiatives. You may notice that our list for menswear is a tad shorter than our list for womens… seems to be that menswear is a bit slower to adapt eco lines.

EDUN is Ali Hewson and Bono’s brand which utilizes organic cotton and has increased Africa’s presence as a viable source of production for fashion. The menswear line is re-launching next month.

2. John Patrick Organic
“I envision a world in the near future where people won’t ask “is it organic?” but say “of course, it’s organic!”

3. Loomstate
Loomstate is pioneer in creating demand for certified organic cotton and using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production. Also one of the first denim brands to use organic cotton.

4. Puma
Just last week Puma announced a new sustainability plan called the S-Index which will act as a measurement tool to rate Puma’s sustainable products. The “Clever Little Bag” is a part of the initiative, designed by Yves Béhar as an environmentally friendly package made of cardboard with a recyclable polypropylene bag. “The Clever Little Bag” is set to launch in 2011.

5. Christopher Raeburn
Christopher Raeburn is young British designer becoming well known for creating ethically-aware men’s and womenswear collections. Utilizing re-appropriated military fabrics, the results are functional and well-made outerwear with a futurist edge.

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