Garden of Edun

Edun is probably my favorite go-to eco/socially conscious label. From the very beginning of all things green to a deeper meaning and social initiatives to aid Africa, Ali Hewson and her rocker hubby Bono have been leaders in the market. Now they’ve got a few new tricks up their sleeves.

First, they launched a new website, and although it still seems to have some kinks – as in I can’t find a way to shop, you can view the lookbook which features models set to African backdrops, and as you scroll over their bodies/clothing, you see video shorts of natives mixed with the models in Edun clothing. I think it makes for a nice touch of transparency, both to the collection and the initiative.

Now onto tees. The Kenya Kids project features super cute hand-drawn designs from students in Kenya. 100% of the proceeds go to funding for school lunch and health care.

Another great initiative is Edun’s “Grow To Sew” t-shirt line, which launched last week in Barney’s New York. The t-shirts are both inspired by Africa and created exclusively in Africa, yet another initiative to make African apparel production a sustainable industry. The tees retail for $50 and 100% of the proceeds go to the Conservation Cotton Initiative in Uganda. A truly fashionable cause to buy into!


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