Denim Therapy by Tavex

As Fashion Snoops subscribers will soon be able to see in our Denim by Premiere Vision exhibitor report, the guys over at Tavex have some pretty interesting technological advancements going on. By definition, Denim Therapy is a revolutionary fabric development that generates a sense of wellness and calm through a bio-ceramic complex. It appears as a print on the inside of the fabric. If that’s a little too techy for you, the results include stimulated muscle tone, equilibrium improvement and an energized body.

The interesting thing here is that Tavex actually tested this concept last season (for Spring 11), and due to a great response, they expanded the offerings for Fall 11/12. While the denim brands that have picked up Denim Therapy fabric remain top secret (even to me and believe me I pushed..), what Tavex did tell me is that the brands that are picking it up are in the youth driven or active sports markets. If brands position this new technology properly, it could become a big deal. I’m thinking some kind of exclusivity or limited editions..


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  1. jean louis

    The technology is not recent but all times very interressante, there is Planet Jogging in Paris (I tried on a tee-shirt “sample”, It is incredible!) who will sell a “bioceramic” sport clothing line according to the bioceramic leader’s website koar bioceramic.

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