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Musical Muses

I just adore this spread in W Magazine, July edition. Behind The Muses features 8 designers and the musicians who inspire them. This is great because in some cases it’s a bit expected and the musician has the same sort of style as the designer, but for others it’s a deeper appreciation for the artist and their personality, which is ultimately in line with the brand. Definitely worth the short read, in which Deborah Harry talks about the roots of each designer/musician love affair. Note the reason I say affair is because some designers, a-hem Karl, tend to change muses with every season collection.

Diplo & Alexander Wang

Donatella Versace & MIA

Esperanza Spalding & Francisco Costa

Florence Welch & Frida Giannini

George Craig & Christopher Bailey

Janelle Monae & Karl Lagerfeld

Kanye West & Rodarte

Yoko Ono & Proenza Schouler

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Who Killed Bambi by aleXandro Palombo

I can’t stop laughing. Leave it to aleXsandro Palombo to keep the fashion industry amused. Here at Fashion Snoops, we’ve been a fan of his work ever since we first spotted the collaboration between him and Parisian brand ELEVEN PARIS, depicting our favorite editrix and designer friends on graphic t-shirts. Some of aleXsandro Palombo’s newest “Humor Chic” work portrays everyone’s favorite Disney deer – Bambi – in a series of illustrations from “No Fur” Fendi ad campaigns to The Day After Bambi Is Dead (shot by Karl Lagerfeld), Anna Wintour in Bambi Is Dead, André Leon Talley in I LOVE FUR and more. Hysterical! Someone please tell me that these graphics will show up at the next Bread & Butter show.

Bonus: See all the Bambi illustrations HERE plus a very special Bambi series on Pippa Middleton.

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Little Monsters Invade V Magazine

There’s much more than the little Olsen sister in the 69th edition of V Magazine which hits newsstands today. “The Discovery Issue” features a spread on Lady Gaga’s fans Little Monsters dressed in their Gaga best.. in case you needed further proof that Gaga’s fashion influence is a force to be reckoned with. I LOVE this, although it makes wish that the Little Monsters in Paris would have had some fun with their grey drab wardrobes at the Gaga concert here last month.

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To Appreciate Street Art..

One must see Exit Through The Gift Shop. It just came out in theaters in France last week, so if you already saw it, please disregard.

I’m not going to get all into it but like, WOAH. This is the kind of documentary that makes you really appreciate the subject matter, which in this case is guerilla street art. The story goes like this: Amateur filmmaker finds his niche capturing and befriending REAL street artists on film for the first time, like Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Space Invader. After his first failed attempt at doing a documentary, Banksy challenges said amateur, “Mr. Brainwash,” to go back to LA and try creating his own art. ASSHOLE goes back to LA, employs an entire team of graphic and installation artists and knocks off pretty much ALL of his street art idols, yet achieves commercial success – as in he did the cover for Madonna’s Greatest Hits collection (shame on you Madge). Banksy himself said at the end of the film that he “always encouraged everyone to make art, and [he] doesn’t really do that so much anymore.” I say, Mr. Brainwash should be blacklisted from the art world, but it does go to show you that unfortunately knock-off artists have a place in our society. Below, the real innovators of street art.




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When Pop Art Meets Versailles: Murakami

Admittedly, I am one of the last to have seen the magnificent Murakami Versailles exhibit. Indeed it ends tomorrow (Sunday, December 12th), and let it be known that this was certainly not my first attempt to see it; though it was the only successful one (why can’t every museum be open until midnight?). Any Parisians (or visitors) who have yet to see it, best get there ASAP.

A total of 22 works of art (and 11 pieces produced specifically for the exhibit) range from sculptures to paintings and even carpeting, shown in the King Louis XIV apartments and the Hall of Mirrors. While the naysayers argue that Murakami’s pop art takes away from the grand Château experience, I think that part of what makes the exhibit so incredible is the ironic fact that it features perhaps the greatest pop artist of our time set to such a magnificant baroque setting. For me, walking down Hall of Mirrors, seeing a Murakami sculpture down in the garden and then coming upon the Flower Matango sculpture was the most powerful take-away from the exhibit.

Overall I LOVED Murakami Versailles, though I did leave with one question. Recent Murakami exhibits like the retrospective at MOCA and the Brooklyn Museum both featured Louis Vuitton pop-up shops featuring products from the famed Louis Vuitton and Murakami collaboration. Why, in the capital of LV, would a collaboration (during such a grand exhibition) be ignored? Perhaps the space for a temporary pop-up shop was limited inside Versailles, but I would have loved to see some sort of tie-in between LV and the Murakami exhibit.. perhaps in the LV flagship on the Champs-Élysées.

However, perhaps most fitting to sum up the exhibit is Takashi Murakami’s own words, “I am the cheshire cat that welcomes Alice In Wonderland with its diabolic smile, and chatters away as she wanders around the Château.”


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INCing A New Kind of Press Preview

Macy’s in-house brand INC Men’s featured an original press preview for its Spring 11 collection. They teamed up with Richard Haines from the What I Saw Today blog and held a live sketching session, where models stood next to their illustrations and look book clips.

As designers and brands continue to seek out new ways to present their collections, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more “live” experiences like INC’s novel preview.

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Gender Bender GAGA

‘Tis true!

After much dispute 2 months ago, GAGA is indeed on the cover of the latest issue of Vogue Hommes Japan, set for release next month.

Gaga role-plays a Sicilian mechanic that goes by the name Jo Caldrone. See more here on stylist Nicola Formichetti’s blog including bits of the interview whereby Gaga tells Jo not to be nervous for the shoot because (s)he was “born this way.”

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