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“We all get dressed for Bill.”

I KNOW THIS IS NOT NEWS. If you already saw the documentary on New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, feel free to disregard. This is for those of you – including those sitting in Fashion Snoops‘ New York office – who have yet to see the flick (which is still playing in select theaters). I saw it on my most recent trip to NYC and as a former New Yorker, it put me in an especially New York frame of mind. Bill Cunningham New York is marvelous film that uncovers the man behind the camera and New York culture by way of street fashion and select personalities in a way that no one else has come close to. Sure The Satorialist and friends all have published books in line with our current obsession with street fashion. Bill has been doing it since 1978. I would have loved to hear his thoughts on today’s state of everyone as a street photographer, but he would have probably dismissed it with a waving hand gesture and gotten back to business. I found it so charming that he’s mostly removed from the scene (always in his signature blue smock), yet documents it beautifully – he gets what happens without the hype and his dedication to his work rivals only a select few. As Anna says, “We all get dressed for Bill.”

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Little Monsters Invade V Magazine

There’s much more than the little Olsen sister in the 69th edition of V Magazine which hits newsstands today. “The Discovery Issue” features a spread on Lady Gaga’s fans Little Monsters dressed in their Gaga best.. in case you needed further proof that Gaga’s fashion influence is a force to be reckoned with. I LOVE this, although it makes wish that the Little Monsters in Paris would have had some fun with their grey drab wardrobes at the Gaga concert here last month.

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Patterning the Streets: Joie Reinstein

Of all the street blogs out there, this one – Pattern-Recognition Posterous – stands apart with an inquisitive voice and depth of real ground-up trendspotting. As in you’re going to want to follow it RIGHT NOW.

As of September, Joie Reinstein, whom I had met over a year ago when I spoke to her class at Parson’s, embarked upon a journey titled Radicant Fashion: An Exploration Around the World in 120 Days. She has already conquered New York City, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Next on her list is Fukuoka, Los Angeles, Rio and Sao Paulo. But like I said, this isn’t just any street style blog. Joie seeks to bridge connections between the cities she visits and fashion trends from the ground-up, and answer questions such as, “Does something a guy wears in Rio affect a girl’s outfit in the Lower East Side of New York?” Interviews with local designers and influencers are also featured.

Here are some of my favorite excerpts from her inspirational project so far. Everything below (and much, much more) can be found at Pattern-Recognition Posterous.

PARIS: “Qui se ressemble s’assemble,” as in birds of a feather flock together. I could attest to this, especially as far as teens are concerned.

LONDON: 60s Jane Birkin or Rockabilly New Wave Mod?

COPENHAGEN: Print and texture mash up, PLUS interview with Rene Gurskov, creator of Rene Gurskov Men.

BEIJING: Matchy-matchy couples, interview with the designer behind local brand LiangSanshi (including insight on “The (Alexander) Wang Effect”).


SHANGHAI: Street style inspired by the nature of OSPOP footwear, *PROUDLY MADE IN CHINA*.

HONG KONG: The Wang Influence continues, best-dressed dudes and interview with blogger Joey Ma.

TOKYO: Dandy or Varsity Candy?

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