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Gender Bender GAGA

‘Tis true!

After much dispute 2 months ago, GAGA is indeed on the cover of the latest issue of Vogue Hommes Japan, set for release next month.

Gaga role-plays a Sicilian mechanic that goes by the name Jo Caldrone. See more here on stylist Nicola Formichetti’s blog including bits of the interview whereby Gaga tells Jo not to be nervous for the shoot because (s)he was “born this way.”

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Kanye’s Rosewood Movement

Kanye West has turned over a new leaf. Gone are the days of shutter shades and neon brights. Now he rolls in slim black tailored Dior Homme suits, and his crew is required to too. Kanye launched the Rosewood Movement in July in anticipation of his latest album release, Dark Twisted Fantasy. On the fashion side of it, the Movement is to up the ante of sophistication amongst the hip hop world. On the media side of it, it means Kanye is trying on manners for once – a welcome change from a series of infamous outbursts. Will Kanye do for slim tailored suits what he did for shutter shades?

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Tell Loren I Love Him

There’s a new denim shop in town. But it’s so much more than just a shop. Loren Cronk hails from the denim genius of Levi’s and Ralph Lauren and is an absolute denim guru/fanatic. His new (work)shop is located on the cusp of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods. Inside there are racks of denim, sewing machines and an array of wash and finish treatments to choose from. Cronk finds inspiration in vintage denim, and you just might find recent vintage purchases hanging in store too. As if that’s not enough, he also collaborates with a bunch of local labels.

I like that we’re seeing more denim designers start their own companies like the previously mentioned Imogene + Willie. In both examples, these designers are branching out on their own (after many years of service to the denim giants) and what they’re doing is much more organic than saying this is the new IT denim brand. Both have cultivated a brand image that is distinctly theirs and speaks to authentic customization (without falling into the former trend for denim customization). The workshop environment also serves to cultivate a personal relationship between customer and designer that goes a long way while creating a new (favorite) pair of jeans.

Loren, 82 Nassau Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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Seven For All Mankind + Mika Ninagawa

Say WHO? Seven For All Mankind has teamed up with Japanese still life photographer Mika Ninagawa. The collab highlights some pretty brilliant photo real prints on t-shirts and a pair of short shorts with printed pocket lining (even if the lining hangs out a tad too much to work). Jeans feature a black-on-black floral print for ladies and an edgier vine print for men.

While the prints are on-trend and impressive in the photo real department, I can’t help but think that a collab with such a photog-talent might have been better suited for say, a graphic t-shirt brand. And while printed denim is very much happening for Fall 10, the J Brand x Proenza collab kind of puts this collab’s printed denim to shame!

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Being There, By Band of Outsiders’ Scott Sternberg

Behold the film from Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders. Set to a somewhat melancholic concerto piano, Sternberg goes deep with thoughts like, “It’s not a conscious effort to reject the standards of fashion.” Highlights include a lego-head man in a suit, perhaps plagued by society norms and a desk job. The film presents an honest and real vision that really resonates with customers and is part of what has made the brand achieve much success since its CFDA win for emerging menswear 2 years ago.

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Introducing the Hilfigers

I never thought I’d say this, but one of my favorite Fall 10/11 ad campaigns happens to be that of Tommy Hilfiger. Shot by Craig McDean, “Introducing the Hilfigers” really captures the spirit of American prep met with a sense of humor, realized by a 16-member dysfunctional family. The parents are frequently seen with glass in hand and other “characters” include a son expelled from boarding school.

Tommy Hilfiger has had a rocky past 10 years but I have the feeling the brand is getting back on track. A strong message like this certainly leads me to think so. The campaign gets high marks from a heritage standpoint (which a lot of luxury brands are leaning towards) and fully embodies American sportswear in a positive albeit twisted way. Which, come to think of it, is that much more real in the landscape of great American families. Another thing I like about this campaign is that the outfits are composed of items from ALL of Hilfiger’s lines including runway, licensed products, Hilfiger Sportswear and Macy’s Hilfiger collection. In the end the SPIRIT of all the Tommy Hilfiger lines remains consistent and is so perfectly captured in this campaign.

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Feel The Film: Burberry

Burberry was one of the first luxury brands to “get it” in terms of relaying a luxurious lifestyle on their website. Art Of The Trench deserves all the endless praise it has achieved from the beginning, especially with relaying the brand’s heritage message to today’s street-obsessed culture. But now chief creative officer Christopher Bailey is up to something else with true WOW factor, that extends beyond the brand’s 3-D runway show in February and previous video look books.

Burberry’s Fall 10 ad campaign, shot by Mario Testino, is now digital and interactive on The photos below don’t do it justice – it’s something you need to see and “feel” to believe. The way you could move the screen to see different views, models walking, picking up bags or trench coat collars, is really kind of amazing. It’s as if you are going deep into the depths of every image to uncover another layer which would otherwise go unnoticed. The music set to this new feature really helps push the “feeling” element forward.

I can only expect that from this initiative, once Fall product is available, there will also be a link from the interactive campaign to buy product, much like the video look books did in the past.

In related news, Bailey has also launched an initiative that channels his passion for music. Burberry Acoustic features hand-picked emerging British bands which so far include Life in Film, Mitsy Miller and Ramona.

While there is no real visual evidence of a marketing tie-in on Burberry Acoustic, apparently some band members are wearing Burberry pieces mixed in with their own clothes. While that’s all good and fine, the recent Spring 11 menswear show video has also been added to the same area of the site. Placing runway right next to new music videos has me kind of puzzled. I’m all for groundbreaking fashion films, technology and music tie-ins; my only concern would be that too many different types of media might become overwhelming to the customers, depending on placement. For example, will customers be able to shop from the ad campaign, video look book, runway and by category? When it comes to videos, I feel like maybe 1 or 2 media formats are enough, more than that may become a bit excessive.


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