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I recall the days of premium denim quite fondly, where any brand who was anybody installed a denim bar to their retail store format. While those days are long gone, now we’re seeing online platforms implement a similar denim bar concept.

Introducing the Denim Bar from MY-WARDROBE.COM. You might be thinking that this sounds a tad familiar. Just one month ago, NET-A-PORTER launched a painstaking similar concept for women called the Denim Boutique, which shares a lot of similarities with my-wardrobe’s Denim Bar.

Here’s what’s on tap over at my-wardrobe.

The Style Rundown – the lowdown on fits, what body type each fit is best for and a celebrity that wears each particular style. There’s a video component, but I found it to be more unnecessary than informative, a video for video’s sake.

The Brand Guide – kind of nice, but really I don’t think anyone questions who Levis is anymore. Did you know MY Wardrobe only has 6 men’s denim brands? Acne, APC, King Krash, Levis, Nudie and PRPS. Nice lineup, though it seems a little slim pickens, right?

Denim Timeline – I like this sort of thing. With stops along the way from James Dean to Bruce Springsteen.

Denim Glossary – Nice add-on, I think there are guys out there that want to sound like they know what they’re talking about on denim.

And that’s not all! There was also a temporary 2-day pop-up shop last week on Carnaby Street in London to celebrate the launch of the Denim Bar on my-wardrobe. There is a ladies equivalent of the Denim Bar but the pop-up was only dedicated to menswear. Seems like we’re experiencing a shift from brick-and-mortar stores to more online denim retailers, keep denim bars on your radar!

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The Louis Vuitton Maison

The Louis Vuitton website calls its new London flagship “A new store opening to celebrate 125 years of history.. in the fashion capital of the world.” Indeed the luxury giant’s new digs on New Bond Street which opened on Friday seem to be what everyone is talking about. And while I have yet to see it to believe it, the London maison is said to rival that of the house’s Champs Elysées maison in Paris. Oh yeah.

Well, Peter Marino, the same guy who did the Paris flagship is also responsible for the new London maison, so we would expect nothing less extraordinary, non? What to look forward to: 3-levels of LV luxury, a nod to heritage with LV trunks galore, a LED staircase, original artwork from names such as Takashi Murakami, exclusive products, a men’s club area and the Librairie which will host British art books. Oh and the second floor is actually dripping of luxury, as it’s the private client suite whereby access is only granted by invitation. The architect’s idea was to emulate the home of a collector with the ultimate and most rare products.

Indeed, a definite see-to-believe but for all the dough that went into the London maison, it seems as if it may be a bit too much like a gallery, as in see, don’t touch. I’m sure the experience will generate oohs and aahs but might I suggest a lack of interaction between shoppers and LV the great, lest one makes it up to the second floor I suppose.

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McQueen Moves Forward With Burton

This week surely has no shortage of news regarding new designers at luxury houses. We had Giles to Ungaro and then Lemaire to Hermès and now a successor to Alexander McQueen.

Sarah Burton, McQueen’s first assistant has been named Creative Director of the luxury house and everyone seems quite pleased with the decision. Even Cathy Horyn over at the New York Times said that “She’s the only person really qualified for the job.” Point taken. While the name Sarah Burton isn’t as widely known, she was McQueen’s very first assistant back in 1996 while she studied at Central Saint Martins and has worked side-by-side with the late designer up until his death this past February. I think I speak for the industry when I say that everyone is quite pleased with the decision, and I look forward to seeing McQueen’s legacy progress through the eyes of Sarah Burton.

Alexander McQueen, Fall 10

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Introducing the Halston Man

No one questioned the Halston label’s comeback in womenswear in 2008. But menswear? The iconic designer himself is now the inspiration point for two new men’s lines. Having been a common fixture of the party scene at Studio 54, the collections reflect the former designer’s personal fashion choices including turtlenecks layered with blazers.

Halston, Fall 10

Halston, Fall 10

Roy Halston Frowick

Halston Collection is the brand’s luxury line which will be sold at Harrods this Fall. Halston Heritage, the secondary line, will launch at Bloomingdale’s. While the retailers set to open the Halston menswear brand are nothing to reckon with, I wonder if the name Halston will have as much relevance for men’s as it does in womenswear. Is Halston’s own wardrobe strong enough as a reference for today’s male nightlife fixtures? Perhaps the name in menswear is just a starting point, which will surely attract buzz, but the collection in this instance, must speak louder than words.

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Terry Richardson in J.Crew

Who knew?!

Famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson posted a picture of himself in his “new summer look” from J.Crew!

The shot appears to have been taken inside an actual J.Crew store, which is obviously a departure from the famed photographer who tends to favor a hipster-ish wardrobe of lumberjack plaids, bomber jackets and khakis. Ok so the khakis do veer into J.Crew territory but they are very of the moment. Anyway, while the crisp white shirt is nothing special (perhaps a tad too clean for Mr. Richardson), J.Crew’s Sun-faded Stanton Pant in smoke red is a great summer update to khakis. And according to J.Crew’s site, it’s already sold out in rustic orange. Khaki aficionados and hipsters alike, meet your new favorite summer pant!

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Bowery Stadium By Nike

The new kid on the Bowery is part of a project called Nike Stadium. It’s a pop-up concept that celebrates the upcoming World Cup 2010 as well as provides a space for art exhibits, actual lockers for local sports teams in the basement and of course rotating Nike World Cup merchandise.

The New York space was designed by Rafael de Cardenas and the first instillation is called ORDER AND PROGRESS, said to be “a celebration of Brazilian soccer through the lens of the NYC creative community.” There’s also a short film featuring Spike Lee coaching his kid’s soccer team. Seems like a pretty good concept to link community and art with the world’s favorite sport (with the exception of the U.S.A.).

The Nike Stadium concept is also headed to London, Berlin, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. No news of anything in South Africa though, where the World Cup 2010 is being held. Granted there was enough World Cup merch when I visited the country in DECEMBER, but wouldn’t Nike want a piece of the local action too?

Bowery Stadium, 276 Bowery, New York.


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With California Love From S Korea, Who.A.U. Opens

I have to admit that I’ve hated the style of Abercrombie & Fitch since it practically guaranteed popularity back in my high school in the 90s. And so to me A&F represented everything I was not. But since then there have been several retailers in that particular genre of retailers – American Eagle and Hollister most notably, who all have a significant share of the market, perhaps until now.

Behold Who.A.U., which begs the question, who ru? Aside from a name that kind of confuses or at best makes me think of a university, the new kid on 34th Street in New York is a South Korean retailer offering teens that same Americana spirit we already have from American retailers.

Who.A.U.’s merchandise is barely indistinguishable from what hangs inside an A&F, Hollister or American Eagle store, wouldn’t you say? It has the right mix of both prep, surfer and outdoorsy like the others only it’s Who.A.U. The store looks good but upon 2 store visits so far from our retail correspondents in NY, it’s empty. Could a South Korean retailer crack the market in America for cool teens? It seems they’ve done a great job at replicating all 3 of said retailers, heck, they even have a “Patch Polo Shop”, which is clearly inspired from Ralph Lauren’s Rugby concept.

If I remember correctly, the kids in my high school bought Abercrombie because it was Abercrombie. I’d beg to say that it will be a tough climb for Who.A.U. to achieve such brand recognition and status, and they certainly don’t want to become known as a knock-off or cheap version of the other established retailers. Could a South Korean copy-cat beat us at our own game?

More coverage coming this week on Fashion Snoops.

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