Bowery Stadium By Nike

The new kid on the Bowery is part of a project called Nike Stadium. It’s a pop-up concept that celebrates the upcoming World Cup 2010 as well as provides a space for art exhibits, actual lockers for local sports teams in the basement and of course rotating Nike World Cup merchandise.

The New York space was designed by Rafael de Cardenas and the first instillation is called ORDER AND PROGRESS, said to be “a celebration of Brazilian soccer through the lens of the NYC creative community.” There’s also a short film featuring Spike Lee coaching his kid’s soccer team. Seems like a pretty good concept to link community and art with the world’s favorite sport (with the exception of the U.S.A.).

The Nike Stadium concept is also headed to London, Berlin, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. No news of anything in South Africa though, where the World Cup 2010 is being held. Granted there was enough World Cup merch when I visited the country in DECEMBER, but wouldn’t Nike want a piece of the local action too?

Bowery Stadium, 276 Bowery, New York.



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