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Rogues Gallery x John Bartlett

For the second time, Rogues Gallery has teamed up with John Bartlett for a capsule collection known as RG/JB. The summer collection is said to be inspired by gladiators and baths of the ancient Mediterranean, as opposed to grizzly bears from last season. The line will consist of vintage tees, tanks and accessories, ranging from $55 – $75. The collection will be sold in Bartlett’s Greenwich Village store. While we have yet to see photos, the idea of steamy gladiators in ancient baths sounds just right for summer.

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Certified Americana Shirts

Freedman shirts just launched in American Rag. Never heard of them? They’re a little bit Western and they’re ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS from tailored fits to buttons and contrast fabrics. Owner Randy Freeman set out to manufacture the perfect shirt and it looks like he’s already got a nice following from his rock n’ roll pals Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Marc Ford, G Love, and Donavon Frankenreiter. In other words, not your average shirt, and pretty good timing with our Urban Cowboy theme. A natural match for denim, the line is also sold at Ron Robinson Fred Segal.

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Visionaire’s McQueen Tribute

Visionaire’s 58th issue, called “Spirit” is dedicated to Alexander McQueen with contributions from Nick Knight, Stephen Gan, Lady Gaga, Steven Meisel and more. The magazine will only print 1,500 copies for $295 each, and each issue comes in a special case, wrapped in metallic brocade from the Spring 2010 collection. The issue is due out in June, but you could see a preview here.

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Photo Real Copy Cat

As I was going going through the depths of our seasonal analysis yesterday, I came across Byblos’ Fall 10 show and I couldn’t help but stop and think that there was striking resemblance to.. oh no they didn’t.. Alexander McQueen’s Fall 10 collection for men.

Byblos, Fall 10

Alexander McQueen, Fall 10

Right. So McQueen’s photo real computer generated chainmail takes on a slightly smaller pattern scale at Byblos, looking a little more line-driven versus intertwined braids. But they’re both shown in head-to-toe looks and in monochromatic browns.. Hmph.

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Festival Goers

With Coachella behind us and a slew of summer festivals on the way, H&M is launching its first festival-inspired line for its annual Fashion Against AIDS collection. And while guys wardrobes don’t get quite as much festival attention as the girls, we’re kind of excited to see what’s in store for guys.

H&M’s FAA line includes clothing for ladies, men and accessories (that go as far as sleeping bags if you didn’t think they were really serious about festivals). The ad campaign speaks well to the theme, with Lou Doillon and Lizzie Jagger as bohemian festival goers and model Josh Beech. Jean shorts and faded shirts coming to an H&M near you on May 20th in the Divided department of 200 H&M stores worldwide.

H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS festival-inspired collection

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“Like” Levi’s

Levi’s is one of the first brands to apply Facebook’s new Social Plugins. Here’s what it does:

1. For online shoppers on (that are also Facebook users), there’s a “like” button.

2. Levi’s created a “Friend Store”, which allows shoppers to see a list of their friends’ favorite products while shopping, as well as share opinions/purchases.

I want to like this, I really do, but I think I would have to be an absolute fanatic of a brand/designer to really embrace it, and that just isn’t the case with me and 501’s. As the video says, yes the world is more social and personal and this is on-trend but I’m somehow not so convinced, though I will say that going forward this is definitely something I see as a major key to brands integrating with social media. On the right track, definitely but I’m not sure if I “like” quite yet.

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Burberry April Showers

April may be coming to an end but Burberry hopes for rainy days ahead. The brand just launched their newest capsule collection this past Thursday called Burberry April Showers, sold in stores and online. It including ladies, men’s and accessories. While the idea is clever (and who better to go to for a Spring trench), I can’t help but mention that any month-titled promotion (or collection in this case) should have well over 1 week sales time. May is for flowers, not showers.

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Band of Outsiders Sleepwear for Opening Ceremony

I’m a strong believer that almost any brand/item that lands in Opening Ceremony turns to gold. But I almost want to laugh at Band of Outsiders’ new sleepwear offering at Opening Ceremony, sold exclusively at OC’s outpost in the Ace Hotel. Though on the other hand, it wasn’t so long ago that Dolce and Gabbana did pajama pants.. I could almost see OC’s pajamas worn outside the bedroom – shrunken button-down or cuffed cotton pants anyone?

Band of Outsiders Sleepwear

Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 09

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Word To Your Mother: 5 Eco Faves for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, show a little respect with our list of 5 Eco Faves. From the early adaptors to the newcomers, the companies listed below draw upon some part of the eco trend, from eco-friendly materials or manufacturing to organic and recycled materials, Fairtrade production and social initiatives. You may notice that our list for menswear is a tad shorter than our list for womens… seems to be that menswear is a bit slower to adapt eco lines.

EDUN is Ali Hewson and Bono’s brand which utilizes organic cotton and has increased Africa’s presence as a viable source of production for fashion. The menswear line is re-launching next month.

2. John Patrick Organic
“I envision a world in the near future where people won’t ask “is it organic?” but say “of course, it’s organic!”

3. Loomstate
Loomstate is pioneer in creating demand for certified organic cotton and using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production. Also one of the first denim brands to use organic cotton.

4. Puma
Just last week Puma announced a new sustainability plan called the S-Index which will act as a measurement tool to rate Puma’s sustainable products. The “Clever Little Bag” is a part of the initiative, designed by Yves Béhar as an environmentally friendly package made of cardboard with a recyclable polypropylene bag. “The Clever Little Bag” is set to launch in 2011.

5. Christopher Raeburn
Christopher Raeburn is young British designer becoming well known for creating ethically-aware men’s and womenswear collections. Utilizing re-appropriated military fabrics, the results are functional and well-made outerwear with a futurist edge.

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Patrik Ervell’s New Online Shop

One of our favorite New York menswear designers, Patrik Ervell, just launched a new online shop. Sticking to his minimalist aesthetic, the online shop features a clean look and an animated army of Patrik Ervell-clad models who move around, tug on their jackets, put their hands in their pockets and those sort of things. It actually makes for a cool experience.. not over the top and still fits with the brand’s message. Ch-ch-check it out.


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