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“We all get dressed for Bill.”

I KNOW THIS IS NOT NEWS. If you already saw the documentary on New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, feel free to disregard. This is for those of you – including those sitting in Fashion Snoops‘ New York office – who have yet to see the flick (which is still playing in select theaters). I saw it on my most recent trip to NYC and as a former New Yorker, it put me in an especially New York frame of mind. Bill Cunningham New York is marvelous film that uncovers the man behind the camera and New York culture by way of street fashion and select personalities in a way that no one else has come close to. Sure The Satorialist and friends all have published books in line with our current obsession with street fashion. Bill has been doing it since 1978. I would have loved to hear his thoughts on today’s state of everyone as a street photographer, but he would have probably dismissed it with a waving hand gesture and gotten back to business. I found it so charming that he’s mostly removed from the scene (always in his signature blue smock), yet documents it beautifully – he gets what happens without the hype and his dedication to his work rivals only a select few. As Anna says, “We all get dressed for Bill.”

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3 Strangers in 3.1 Phillip Lim

This week Phillip Lim debuted a short film featuring his Fall 11 menswear collection on We’ve long been a fan of Phillip Lim, and his menswear collection is quickly rising to the top, not to mention that he was recently nominated for the Swarovski Award for Menswear at the CFDA Fashion Awards. In the film, 3 strangers walk around in Phillip Lim threads set to a concrete urban architectural background and climactic piano and string music. Titled “Weavers” and directed by Andrew Paynter, the film puts texture at the forefront with an emphasis on details, which otherwise go unnoticed in the runway shots.

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Ermenegildo Zegna’s 3-D Fashion Show

Fashion has had its moments of 3D in the past (heck there’s also been 4-D), however up until now no one worked with James Lima (you know, of Avatar fame) on a fashion show. Although they say it’s the first 3-D fashion show, I believe Burberry had that title in February 10. NEVERTHELESS, the effect at Zegna looked pretty interesting.. as in I’m sure no model has ever appeared to have walked from the Great Wall of China onto a runway. The China connection was a celebration of Zegna’s 20th year of business in China. While the reference wasn’t reflected in excess on the surface, silky shirts, uniform jackets and utility belts nodded modestly to the Chinese Revolution.

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DIOR HOMME: The Time I Had Some Time Alone

Dior Homme just released a video to highlight the Spring 11 collection. Kris Van Assche worked with photographer Willy Vanderperre on the 55-second short in which model Victor Nylander tosses and turns while sleeping on a homeless-like mat.. and wearing a Dior Homme suit no less. The film has a gritty sort of quality, shot in black and white with that old school crunchiness of a record player in the background as well as playground sounds, skateboarding and deep breathing. And from the likes of the tossing and turning, it was a pretty sweet dream. Select stills from the film will be used for print ads.

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Opening Ceremony, Tokyo


That’s HAPPY NEW YEAR (!!!) in Japanese. I just returned from my holiday vacation in Tokyo and figured I’d start off 2011 with a favorite. While everyone is in high sale mode, Opening Ceremony in Shibuya was pretty amaze across all 7 floors.. yes 7, which pretty much makes it my favorite OC store ever (never mind the constant fact that EVERYTHING they sell turns to gold). From the Rodarte Black Swan window displays to Pendleton fever and Junior High cork board/lockers, who cares if it’s sale stuff. These are by far some of the best visual merchandising displays out there!

In other OC news, the new Spring 11 video Billy The Kids is out. Cue cardboard cutouts, storytelling rhymes, Elvis and Bill Murray. Totally lost in translation, how apropos.

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To Appreciate Street Art..

One must see Exit Through The Gift Shop. It just came out in theaters in France last week, so if you already saw it, please disregard.

I’m not going to get all into it but like, WOAH. This is the kind of documentary that makes you really appreciate the subject matter, which in this case is guerilla street art. The story goes like this: Amateur filmmaker finds his niche capturing and befriending REAL street artists on film for the first time, like Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Space Invader. After his first failed attempt at doing a documentary, Banksy challenges said amateur, “Mr. Brainwash,” to go back to LA and try creating his own art. ASSHOLE goes back to LA, employs an entire team of graphic and installation artists and knocks off pretty much ALL of his street art idols, yet achieves commercial success – as in he did the cover for Madonna’s Greatest Hits collection (shame on you Madge). Banksy himself said at the end of the film that he “always encouraged everyone to make art, and [he] doesn’t really do that so much anymore.” I say, Mr. Brainwash should be blacklisted from the art world, but it does go to show you that unfortunately knock-off artists have a place in our society. Below, the real innovators of street art.




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Ralph Lauren’s 4-D Experience, Beyond Fireworks

You absolutely NEED to take 8 minutes out of your day to watch this video. It is AH-mazing. It is WOW and then some.

In celebration of Ralph Lauren’s 10 years of, last night the Ralph Lauren flagships in New York and London held identical 4-dimensional installations on the facades of each store, featuring total groundbreaking technology that is nothing short of spectacular. You do not need to be a Ralph Lauren fan to appreciate this.

I am still in awe of just how beautiful this installation was, and I didn’t even see it in person. The techno mastery is beyond my comprehension and puts any and every other light show to shame.

First off, transforming any facade into a Beaux Arts building is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece, not to mention the glorious chandeliers that staged a brief runway show.

I liked the buildings “wrapped up” in a RL horseshoe belt or dripping in ties.

And then the polo players that phased into the logo.

The triumphant soundtrack was all the more fitting particularly at the end with a rolling collage of Ralph Lauren brand imagery.

The cameo of Ralph waving out the window at the end was a little cheeky, but ultimately the show was spectacular beyond belief. It’s impossible to watch something like that and not come away with appreciation for what is one of the world’s most successful brands. Ralph Lauren has always been at the forefront of technology and I look forward to seeing his universe evolve into the next decade of digital mastery.

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