To Appreciate Street Art..

One must see Exit Through The Gift Shop. It just came out in theaters in France last week, so if you already saw it, please disregard.

I’m not going to get all into it but like, WOAH. This is the kind of documentary that makes you really appreciate the subject matter, which in this case is guerilla street art. The story goes like this: Amateur filmmaker finds his niche capturing and befriending REAL street artists on film for the first time, like Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Space Invader. After his first failed attempt at doing a documentary, Banksy challenges said amateur, “Mr. Brainwash,” to go back to LA and try creating his own art. ASSHOLE goes back to LA, employs an entire team of graphic and installation artists and knocks off pretty much ALL of his street art idols, yet achieves commercial success – as in he did the cover for Madonna’s Greatest Hits collection (shame on you Madge). Banksy himself said at the end of the film that he “always encouraged everyone to make art, and [he] doesn’t really do that so much anymore.” I say, Mr. Brainwash should be blacklisted from the art world, but it does go to show you that unfortunately knock-off artists have a place in our society. Below, the real innovators of street art.





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