“We all get dressed for Bill.”

I KNOW THIS IS NOT NEWS. If you already saw the documentary on New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, feel free to disregard. This is for those of you – including those sitting in Fashion Snoops‘ New York office – who have yet to see the flick (which is still playing in select theaters). I saw it on my most recent trip to NYC and as a former New Yorker, it put me in an especially New York frame of mind. Bill Cunningham New York is marvelous film that uncovers the man behind the camera and New York culture by way of street fashion and select personalities in a way that no one else has come close to. Sure The Satorialist and friends all have published books in line with our current obsession with street fashion. Bill has been doing it since 1978. I would have loved to hear his thoughts on today’s state of everyone as a street photographer, but he would have probably dismissed it with a waving hand gesture and gotten back to business. I found it so charming that he’s mostly removed from the scene (always in his signature blue smock), yet documents it beautifully – he gets what happens without the hype and his dedication to his work rivals only a select few. As Anna says, “We all get dressed for Bill.”


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