Ralph Lauren’s 4-D Experience, Beyond Fireworks

You absolutely NEED to take 8 minutes out of your day to watch this video. It is AH-mazing. It is WOW and then some.

In celebration of Ralph Lauren’s 10 years of polo.com, last night the Ralph Lauren flagships in New York and London held identical 4-dimensional installations on the facades of each store, featuring total groundbreaking technology that is nothing short of spectacular. You do not need to be a Ralph Lauren fan to appreciate this.

I am still in awe of just how beautiful this installation was, and I didn’t even see it in person. The techno mastery is beyond my comprehension and puts any and every other light show to shame.

First off, transforming any facade into a Beaux Arts building is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece, not to mention the glorious chandeliers that staged a brief runway show.

I liked the buildings “wrapped up” in a RL horseshoe belt or dripping in ties.

And then the polo players that phased into the logo.

The triumphant soundtrack was all the more fitting particularly at the end with a rolling collage of Ralph Lauren brand imagery.

The cameo of Ralph waving out the window at the end was a little cheeky, but ultimately the show was spectacular beyond belief. It’s impossible to watch something like that and not come away with appreciation for what is one of the world’s most successful brands. Ralph Lauren has always been at the forefront of technology and I look forward to seeing his universe evolve into the next decade of digital mastery.


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