Introducing the Hilfigers

I never thought I’d say this, but one of my favorite Fall 10/11 ad campaigns happens to be that of Tommy Hilfiger. Shot by Craig McDean, “Introducing the Hilfigers” really captures the spirit of American prep met with a sense of humor, realized by a 16-member dysfunctional family. The parents are frequently seen with glass in hand and other “characters” include a son expelled from boarding school.

Tommy Hilfiger has had a rocky past 10 years but I have the feeling the brand is getting back on track. A strong message like this certainly leads me to think so. The campaign gets high marks from a heritage standpoint (which a lot of luxury brands are leaning towards) and fully embodies American sportswear in a positive albeit twisted way. Which, come to think of it, is that much more real in the landscape of great American families. Another thing I like about this campaign is that the outfits are composed of items from ALL of Hilfiger’s lines including runway, licensed products, Hilfiger Sportswear and Macy’s Hilfiger collection. In the end the SPIRIT of all the Tommy Hilfiger lines remains consistent and is so perfectly captured in this campaign.


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