Tell Loren I Love Him

There’s a new denim shop in town. But it’s so much more than just a shop. Loren Cronk hails from the denim genius of Levi’s and Ralph Lauren and is an absolute denim guru/fanatic. His new (work)shop is located on the cusp of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods. Inside there are racks of denim, sewing machines and an array of wash and finish treatments to choose from. Cronk finds inspiration in vintage denim, and you just might find recent vintage purchases hanging in store too. As if that’s not enough, he also collaborates with a bunch of local labels.

I like that we’re seeing more denim designers start their own companies like the previously mentioned Imogene + Willie. In both examples, these designers are branching out on their own (after many years of service to the denim giants) and what they’re doing is much more organic than saying this is the new IT denim brand. Both have cultivated a brand image that is distinctly theirs and speaks to authentic customization (without falling into the former trend for denim customization). The workshop environment also serves to cultivate a personal relationship between customer and designer that goes a long way while creating a new (favorite) pair of jeans.

Loren, 82 Nassau Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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