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The Cobrashop

Mark the “Cobrasnake” Hunter has done his part in elevating Los Angeles culture with his nightlife photography. Now he has his own shop – for reals! The Cobrashop opened to the public yesterday and is a wild and crazy mix of all things Mark.. from items from his Cobrasnake x RVCA line, limited edition and past collection pieces from Jeremy Scott and Shepard Fairey to a bunch of kitschy thrift items. There’s art installations (check the Cobrasnake mural), oh and Todd Selby made a guest appearance and signed copies of his latest book there too. The temporary shop is in the Hollywood & Highland Center (yes unexpected but also kind of Mark in that way) and will remain open through September.

Fun right? On the website, there are snapshots of hipsters in the garb that’s sold in the Cobrashop, which add a nice element to the street snapshots-meet-retail concept. Once a street photographer earns a strong enough following for his style, the next step is inevitably brand collabs and/or a kick-ass retail outlet. I’d imagine there will be a lot of snapshots taken this summer at the Cobrashop, perhaps a tome is already in the making.


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Garden of Edun

Edun is probably my favorite go-to eco/socially conscious label. From the very beginning of all things green to a deeper meaning and social initiatives to aid Africa, Ali Hewson and her rocker hubby Bono have been leaders in the market. Now they’ve got a few new tricks up their sleeves.

First, they launched a new website, and although it still seems to have some kinks – as in I can’t find a way to shop, you can view the lookbook which features models set to African backdrops, and as you scroll over their bodies/clothing, you see video shorts of natives mixed with the models in Edun clothing. I think it makes for a nice touch of transparency, both to the collection and the initiative.

Now onto tees. The Kenya Kids project features super cute hand-drawn designs from students in Kenya. 100% of the proceeds go to funding for school lunch and health care.

Another great initiative is Edun’s “Grow To Sew” t-shirt line, which launched last week in Barney’s New York. The t-shirts are both inspired by Africa and created exclusively in Africa, yet another initiative to make African apparel production a sustainable industry. The tees retail for $50 and 100% of the proceeds go to the Conservation Cotton Initiative in Uganda. A truly fashionable cause to buy into!

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World Cup Fever

You’ll have to excuse the delay in this post. I had every intent to get this out before the World Cup kicked off yesterday, but seeing that I live in France and France was playing in the 2nd game, I had to attend to an event. The score was 0-0, how very French! Anyhow, the world’s most popular sporting event (not exactly mine) has numerous apparel collaborations to celebrate World Cup 2010.

The big guns – Adidas and Nike have the event covered from all angles from specific websites to “kits” or “packs” consisting of World Cup product by city or country. Today marks the launch of 4 regional adidas Consortum adiCup packs for Berlin, London, New York and Tokyo. The packs consist of a bag, Votary trainers and a regionally designed jersey. There is also a special pack to be released for the World Cup finals. Nike’s World Cup Team Kits (featured in Fashion Snoop’s Magazine section) feature hoodies or track jackets and footwear designed by artists for the USA, South Africa, France, the Netherlands, Brazil and England. Another point goes to Nike for their Stadium concept.

adiCup Packs

Nike’s World Cup Team Kits

Umbro launched The World Champion’s Collection featuring seven nations who have previously won the World Cup. Like Nike, they employed an artist slant to the polo shirts, which were done in collaboration with graffiti artists, cartoonists, tattoo designers, record label owners, illustrators and club night innovators for each country.

Umbro’s World Champion’s Collection

And speaking of polos (and slightly more conservative World Cup support) Fred Perry got in on the action with the World Cup Edition Polo range. The line of 12 polos represents the colors in the national team kit for the “top teams” and features the country’s name below an oversized laurel.

Fred Perry’s World Cup Edition Polos

Those looking for something slightly more nostalgic and less representative of soccer jerseys, perhaps the Football Legends collection from French Connection is for you. A tight line-up of 3 t-shirts feature black and white photographs of Pelè, Bobby Moore and George Best.

Football Legends by French Connection

And now for something unexpected for the fashion set. There’s an actual fashion-meets-soccer magazine called SEPP, which is released every 2 years for the World Cup or Euro Cup. SEPP is edited by Markus Ebner from Achtung, and it’s apparent that his ties with designers like Lanvin, Karl Lagerfeld and friends prove valuable for the magazine’s 2010 edition. The magazine commissions designers to create designs, sketches or shoots related to all things soccer. Goal!

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I recall the days of premium denim quite fondly, where any brand who was anybody installed a denim bar to their retail store format. While those days are long gone, now we’re seeing online platforms implement a similar denim bar concept.

Introducing the Denim Bar from MY-WARDROBE.COM. You might be thinking that this sounds a tad familiar. Just one month ago, NET-A-PORTER launched a painstaking similar concept for women called the Denim Boutique, which shares a lot of similarities with my-wardrobe’s Denim Bar.

Here’s what’s on tap over at my-wardrobe.

The Style Rundown – the lowdown on fits, what body type each fit is best for and a celebrity that wears each particular style. There’s a video component, but I found it to be more unnecessary than informative, a video for video’s sake.

The Brand Guide – kind of nice, but really I don’t think anyone questions who Levis is anymore. Did you know MY Wardrobe only has 6 men’s denim brands? Acne, APC, King Krash, Levis, Nudie and PRPS. Nice lineup, though it seems a little slim pickens, right?

Denim Timeline – I like this sort of thing. With stops along the way from James Dean to Bruce Springsteen.

Denim Glossary – Nice add-on, I think there are guys out there that want to sound like they know what they’re talking about on denim.

And that’s not all! There was also a temporary 2-day pop-up shop last week on Carnaby Street in London to celebrate the launch of the Denim Bar on my-wardrobe. There is a ladies equivalent of the Denim Bar but the pop-up was only dedicated to menswear. Seems like we’re experiencing a shift from brick-and-mortar stores to more online denim retailers, keep denim bars on your radar!

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Nigo from A Bathing Ape is onto his next big venture. PASS THE BATON is a ritzy kind of consignment shop whereby Nigo selects the merchandise himself. A PASS THE BATON shop opened in Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills mall but there’s also an online store that makes the buyer/seller connection a little more visible, providing an intimate link (via profiles) of the parties and products involved. Current mixed product on offer includes a Ralph Lauren sweater, a Run DMC tee shirt and little figurines like one of Barney & Betty Rubble.

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Rock On

While rock n roll imagery is nothing new, a new brand called Archive 1887 has some pretty rad tee shirts headed to a Barney’s near you. The brand is the brainchild of Sony Music and its in-house merchandising company, The Thread Shop. So how exactly is this different from say House of the Gods or any other band tee shirt in your closet? Well, Sony being Sony has never-before-seen photos and artwork dating back to 1887. A few of our friends like David Bowie, Janis Joplin and Santana are featured in the lineup.

The line launches in Barney’s New York next week and retails from $49 – $58. There are also a few add-ons, like a code placed on hangtags that can be used online to access a streaming playlist of the artist or a key sold with every tee that can be worn as a charm.

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The White Room, Dior Homme Fall 2010

LVMH’s Nowness is certainly on the video media trend. Last week Dior Homme launched a video called The White Room to celebrate the opening of the fist UK flagship in Westfield Center, London. Sharif Hamza directed the video and it was styled by Robbie Spencer. The video is staged in a stark white hallway, where attention is drawn to the brand’s long trench coat. Two men slowly stride down the hallway while melancholic music plays. Mysterious and sort of intriguing, it reminds me of a fragrance commercial.

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