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Seven For All Mankind + Mika Ninagawa

Say WHO? Seven For All Mankind has teamed up with Japanese still life photographer Mika Ninagawa. The collab highlights some pretty brilliant photo real prints on t-shirts and a pair of short shorts with printed pocket lining (even if the lining hangs out a tad too much to work). Jeans feature a black-on-black floral print for ladies and an edgier vine print for men.

While the prints are on-trend and impressive in the photo real department, I can’t help but think that a collab with such a photog-talent might have been better suited for say, a graphic t-shirt brand. And while printed denim is very much happening for Fall 10, the J Brand x Proenza collab kind of puts this collab’s printed denim to shame!


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Grassroots Denim: Imogene + Willie

So to add to J.Crew’s current winning streak, they’ve inked another exclusive with denim brand Imogene + Willie. Say WHO? There’s good reason you don’t know them, yet. Imogene + Willie is the brainchild of Matt and Carrie Eddmenson, artists and designers that over the years developed and produced premium denim for Levis, JBrand, Replay and Girbaud, to name a few. So yeah, they know their stuff on denim. Now the lovers reside in Nashville, Tennessee and since 2009, have dedicated themselves to producing and selling the best denim and lifestyle products in the world. They live in the attic above a retro gas station which serves as their retail concept and is also where everything happens (there’s a bathtub on the patio for finishes). How’s that for homespun? While I have yet to see it with my own eyes, their website alone makes me LOVE this concept and want to buy into it. There’s also a great video that encourages you to “Wash your jeans like real people”. It’s said that when you walk into their shop, they tell you the story behind every single piece. “They make you feel like you have already worn the jean or shirt all your life, and then you realize that you will.”

So back to the collab with J.Crew. 2 Imogene + Willie jeans for men (sorry ladies) will be out at the end of August, retailing for $350 and $425. To my knowledge, I think this is the first time Imogene + Willie is going to be available to the masses (sort of), since I believe current distribution is only out of their Nashville shop. They say they want to stay small but have recently made celeb fans out of Sheryl Crow and Gweneth Paltrow. I really hope they stay small.. without having experienced the homegrown approach myself, I’m already a fan. Perhaps now is the time to take a trip to Nashville.

Imogene + Willie for J.Crew


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Denim Therapy by Tavex

As Fashion Snoops subscribers will soon be able to see in our Denim by Premiere Vision exhibitor report, the guys over at Tavex have some pretty interesting technological advancements going on. By definition, Denim Therapy is a revolutionary fabric development that generates a sense of wellness and calm through a bio-ceramic complex. It appears as a print on the inside of the fabric. If that’s a little too techy for you, the results include stimulated muscle tone, equilibrium improvement and an energized body.

The interesting thing here is that Tavex actually tested this concept last season (for Spring 11), and due to a great response, they expanded the offerings for Fall 11/12. While the denim brands that have picked up Denim Therapy fabric remain top secret (even to me and believe me I pushed..), what Tavex did tell me is that the brands that are picking it up are in the youth driven or active sports markets. If brands position this new technology properly, it could become a big deal. I’m thinking some kind of exclusivity or limited editions..

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Inspired by Mao

Here’s a new twist to put on the recurring industrial/worker theme.

Chinese revolutionary and communist leader Mao Zedong is living on through his oft-photographed-in worker jackets and old uniform caps that have recently appeared on the streets of Japan, and thus influenced the Fall-Winter 11/12 denim collection at Orta Anadolu.

Orta Anadolu

Orta Anadolu

Uniform hats have also been showing up on eBay recently, another nod to Mao’s style influence.

From communist leader to style icon..

Mao Zedong

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Heavy Weights @ Denim By Premiere Vision

Alright so maybe I got a little over excited by STRETCH for the ladies today, but there’s an equally HUGE trend happening for men’s denim for Fall 11/12. While Fall/Winter automatically lends itself to heavier weights, this season takes it a bit further with weights that fall just under 15oz.! That’s right, 13 3/4oz. seems to be the right weight that will surely dictate trends for the season – cue a continuation of heritage and workwear styles. Here’s a glimpse of some heavier-than-you-would-think action from today’s Denim by Premiere Vision show. More to come!

Denim Authority

Denim Authority



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I recall the days of premium denim quite fondly, where any brand who was anybody installed a denim bar to their retail store format. While those days are long gone, now we’re seeing online platforms implement a similar denim bar concept.

Introducing the Denim Bar from MY-WARDROBE.COM. You might be thinking that this sounds a tad familiar. Just one month ago, NET-A-PORTER launched a painstaking similar concept for women called the Denim Boutique, which shares a lot of similarities with my-wardrobe’s Denim Bar.

Here’s what’s on tap over at my-wardrobe.

The Style Rundown – the lowdown on fits, what body type each fit is best for and a celebrity that wears each particular style. There’s a video component, but I found it to be more unnecessary than informative, a video for video’s sake.

The Brand Guide – kind of nice, but really I don’t think anyone questions who Levis is anymore. Did you know MY Wardrobe only has 6 men’s denim brands? Acne, APC, King Krash, Levis, Nudie and PRPS. Nice lineup, though it seems a little slim pickens, right?

Denim Timeline – I like this sort of thing. With stops along the way from James Dean to Bruce Springsteen.

Denim Glossary – Nice add-on, I think there are guys out there that want to sound like they know what they’re talking about on denim.

And that’s not all! There was also a temporary 2-day pop-up shop last week on Carnaby Street in London to celebrate the launch of the Denim Bar on my-wardrobe. There is a ladies equivalent of the Denim Bar but the pop-up was only dedicated to menswear. Seems like we’re experiencing a shift from brick-and-mortar stores to more online denim retailers, keep denim bars on your radar!

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Jonathan Adler for 7 For All Mankind

Interior design powerhouse Jonathan Adler joined forces with 7 For All Mankind for a limited edition collection. The men’s and women’s denim and sportswear collections consist of three cheeky themes: DELUXE, RUSTIC and POP, though there isn’t much visible difference from each – aside from one stemming off the color tangerine, another with geometric prints and the other with polos. The denim isn’t really the focus here, rather iconic patterns such as bamboo and Acapulco prints take center stage. The line lands in 7 For All Mankind boutiques this week and is also sold on the brand’s website.

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