Your Art Here, at H&M

In the time of graduation fashion shows and a few indie designer lawsuits, it’s nice to hear that H&M is embracing artwork and recognizing artists. H&M held a contest called Your Art Here, which encouraged students to submit their work. Using crowdsourcing, the top 25 pieces with the most votes were selected and then judged by fab bloggers like Allison McNamara from FabSugar and WhoWhatWear and BryanBoy, who needs no introduction. 5 winners were then chosen and their artwork will be printed on t-shirts and displayed in H&M’s NYC store on 5th Avenue and 42nd later this summer. The selection also marks the beginning of H&M’s Your Art Here t-shirt line. For more graphic inspiration, I encourage you to explore the HUNDREDS of pieces of artwork on the website.

Hair by Kevin Fuhrmann

have heart by Rockie Nolan

Nat in Blue by Jordan Tiberio

Untitled by Beth Zimmerman

Watch me glitter in the limelight by Myla Angela Cruz


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