Who Killed Bambi by aleXandro Palombo

I can’t stop laughing. Leave it to aleXsandro Palombo to keep the fashion industry amused. Here at Fashion Snoops, we’ve been a fan of his work ever since we first spotted the collaboration between him and Parisian brand ELEVEN PARIS, depicting our favorite editrix and designer friends on graphic t-shirts. Some of aleXsandro Palombo’s newest “Humor Chic” work portrays everyone’s favorite Disney deer – Bambi – in a series of illustrations from “No Fur” Fendi ad campaigns to The Day After Bambi Is Dead (shot by Karl Lagerfeld), Anna Wintour in Bambi Is Dead, Andr√© Leon Talley in I LOVE FUR and more. Hysterical! Someone please tell me that these graphics will show up at the next Bread & Butter show.

Bonus: See all the Bambi illustrations HERE plus a very special Bambi series on Pippa Middleton.


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