Rodarte x Opening Ceremony FOR GUYS!

Girls don’t always get the cool stuff and leave guys in the dust. Behold, the Rodarte for Opening Ceremony collection which just launched yesterday. If you remember the covet-worthy sweaters the Rodarte sisters did for guys last year, then you’re probably going to LOVE the first-ever men’s collection.

The above photos are my favorites of the collection, although there’s more on the OC site. While the men’s collab isn’t quite as extensive as the one for the gals (and understandably), I think it’s a really cohesive look for the Rodarte guy. There are some definite cross-overs with women’s product, such as intarsia sweaters, floral prints and leather items, however it definitely works to get that Rodarte look across. Also I think the color palette works well here. Items such as the leather t-shirt or bomber jacket – are offered in a great vintage shade of chocolate as well as black. The chocolate speaks more to the die-hard Rodarte fan and seems to hit that California road-trip vibe just right, while the black is more universal.

The Rodarte by Opening Ceremony collection is available now in OC stores in NY, LA and Tokyo as well as Barney’s in NY, Holt Renfew and a few others retailers in Moscow and Saudi Arabia which makes me wonder WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG for OC to open up shop in Paris (or at least sell this fab collab in Colette?). Price points for guys run around the $250 – $400 range, while the leather pieces go for upwards of $2000. As I mentioned in my ladies blog, I hope this collab opens the door to a greater commercial success for Rodarte, and as well, I would love to see men’s product further developed.

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