Discussing Denim at DSquared2

I usually prefer to focus on the new and exciting, and while DSquared2’s denim for Fall 11 fits into neither category, I thought we should talk denim. The show was called “Brokeback Mormon” which I found inventive although that came across more in the accessories than the clothes and denim. About that – there is nothing new about indigo distressed jeans. Some achieved a greater intensity of indigo but the distressing took away from that. The silhouette provides more to discuss with very slim styles – the interest here falling to the hem where wrinkle treatments were used.

There were only a few different variations in cut aside from slim – the slight (and oh-so-slight) flare, the low-slung wide jeans worn with suspenders and a slouchy carrot style that tapered in at the hem. I would have liked to see more heavy weights applied and further exploration of the wide cut (more fitting to the theme) but then again this is DSquared2. If the jean fits..


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