HEADS UP: London Holiday Windows

This week at Fashion Snoops, we’re posing our annual Holiday Window report. We already gave you sneak previews of New York and Paris, and now here’s a look at London’s leading department stores.. a few of which featured a recurring “head” theme.

We first spy a “head” theme happening at Harrods, where large alien-meets-cartoon heads are featured upon mannequins. However comical, the heads used in this setting deflect interest back to the actual clothing on the mannequins, without comprimising on glimmering holiday backdrops of garland.

Selfridges also takes on the head theme with female mannequins sporting cartoonish heads and plastic-y bodies. The men’s displays feature Gumby-like characters and a bold colorful background keeps the childish playful notion going.

Harrods goes the more traditional route with a familiar fairy tale – Peter Pan. The hair and beauty styling impress, while monochromatic window schemes are also enticing.


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