A Moment of Glunge

This week at Fashion Snoops, we’re presenting the seasonal themes for Spring 12 menswear. While there is a lot to talk about and the main headline grabbers gravitate towards the athletic, nautical and military or safari inspired, one of my personal favorites of the season is GLUNGE.

What? Glunge. It’s a new-ish term being used to describe the mash-up of grunge and glam rock. See below.

They hybrid mix is part Kurt Cobain grunge factor, and part glam rock which has always been the signature of say, Rick Owens. What I think is interesting about it is that a lot of New York designers got into it including Nicholas K, Buckler, Duckie Brown and Mik Cire by Eric Kim. The look is definitely dark and moody with a color palette that is exactly that, and emphasis is placed on loose layered silhouettes. Here are some more examples.

Buckler, Spring 11

Duckie Brown, Spring 11

Miharayasuhiro, Spring 11

Nicholas K, Spring 11

Rick Owens, Spring 11

Rick Owens, Spring 11

While it is true that some like Rick Owens have cultivated a dark and edgy gothic look to become a signature brand aesthetic, I do find it intriguing that a number of New York collections have gravitated towards Glunge which otherwise we really didn’t see in the European collections. It’s interesting that it’s happening right now because we are coming off of heritage everything which was generally a crisp and clean look and Glunge is the total opposite. It just feels new, and right. I think it will speak loudest to the young men’s market and be driven by dropped crotch pants, draped jersey knits and hoods. And if that doesn’t suit, there will surely be no shortage of bermuda shorts out there.


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