Gilt MANual

Everyone’s favorite flash sale site is up to something very, very cool for guys. Gilt Groupe has ventured into the world of online editorial with its new site, Gilt MANual: The Daily Guide to Permanent Style. I know what you’re thinking.. is another online magazine really necessary? Oh yes. First off, they snabbed Tyler Thoreson, the former exec editor of, so they mean business.

The site is easy to navigate with the main areas being Advice & How To (because you probably are wondering how to wash your raw denim or grow a full beard), The Essentials (from proper hangers to seven-fold ties to a chef’s knife), Features & Profiles (you always wanted to know how to dress Gordon Gekko on screen) and of course a link to Gilt Sales. I think probably the best thing about it is that it doesn’t feel like a push to Gilt’s flash sales (though the few ads that appear across the site are exclusively for Gilt sales and ultimately it underscores a stronger Gilt message to viewers). It feels like a fresh magazine that has a genuine interest and know-how for men across the board. The style of writing is also refreshing, in that it sounds like it’s coming from a familiar (albeit more knowledgeable) authority, unlike which I think comes off a little too macho and trying too hard. I can’t wait to see Gilt MANual develop further, and see if a women’s editorial counterpart is planned.


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2 responses to “Gilt MANual

  1. It all looks really crisp and nicely written – I love little style guides like this, and the MANual looks like it might break the mould a little. Details like ‘how to deliver an unforgettable two-minute toast’ and good pop culture references always make for good reading. Thanks for pointing me at it.

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