The Louis Vuitton Maison

The Louis Vuitton website calls its new London flagship “A new store opening to celebrate 125 years of history.. in the fashion capital of the world.” Indeed the luxury giant’s new digs on New Bond Street which opened on Friday seem to be what everyone is talking about. And while I have yet to see it to believe it, the London maison is said to rival that of the house’s Champs Elysées maison in Paris. Oh yeah.

Well, Peter Marino, the same guy who did the Paris flagship is also responsible for the new London maison, so we would expect nothing less extraordinary, non? What to look forward to: 3-levels of LV luxury, a nod to heritage with LV trunks galore, a LED staircase, original artwork from names such as Takashi Murakami, exclusive products, a men’s club area and the Librairie which will host British art books. Oh and the second floor is actually dripping of luxury, as it’s the private client suite whereby access is only granted by invitation. The architect’s idea was to emulate the home of a collector with the ultimate and most rare products.

Indeed, a definite see-to-believe but for all the dough that went into the London maison, it seems as if it may be a bit too much like a gallery, as in see, don’t touch. I’m sure the experience will generate oohs and aahs but might I suggest a lack of interaction between shoppers and LV the great, lest one makes it up to the second floor I suppose.


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