Introducing the Halston Man

No one questioned the Halston label’s comeback in womenswear in 2008. But menswear? The iconic designer himself is now the inspiration point for two new men’s lines. Having been a common fixture of the party scene at Studio 54, the collections reflect the former designer’s personal fashion choices including turtlenecks layered with blazers.

Halston, Fall 10

Halston, Fall 10

Roy Halston Frowick

Halston Collection is the brand’s luxury line which will be sold at Harrods this Fall. Halston Heritage, the secondary line, will launch at Bloomingdale’s. While the retailers set to open the Halston menswear brand are nothing to reckon with, I wonder if the name Halston will have as much relevance for men’s as it does in womenswear. Is Halston’s own wardrobe strong enough as a reference for today’s male nightlife fixtures? Perhaps the name in menswear is just a starting point, which will surely attract buzz, but the collection in this instance, must speak louder than words.


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