Bow Ties for Gentleman That Blog

Does the Brooks Brothers man blog?

A new collaboration between Brooks Brothers and men’s etiquette blog Social Primer begs the question. The result is a collection of 16 reversible bow ties launching May 19th to be followed by a Fall collection.

I think the line is great for the Brooks Brothers man, but the connection to Social Primer, I’m just not sure.. somehow I don’t picture such a distinguished BB man turning to the blogosphere for reference on manners, conversation or social etiquette (afterall, he’s already distinguished isn’t he?).

However I will say that we’re still in that period where most brands haven’t figured out how to market themselves in accordance with social media, and for now the gold standard remains Burberry’s Art of the Trench. I’m not sure how much new traffic will be generated to Brooks Brothers from Social Primer, but for the meantime I think these bow ties will do well at retail.


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