Men-Only Shops

Lately it seems as if everyone is branching out from traditional ladies/mens stores into single-sex stores. In particular, the men-only concept seems to be gaining momentum.

I’ll attribute the start of this to the brilliant Tom Ford, who exactly 3 years ago opened his men-only emporium that evokes a a private club environment. The first Tom Ford flagship, stationed on New York’s Madison Avenue, is the ultimate vision of luxury and craftsmanship, with suits displayed behind glass like works of art. Tom Ford’s menswear now has around 10 flagships worldwide, if that’s any proof of its success.

Tom Ford

This February, Hermès opened its first men’s-only store, Hermès Man on New York’s Madison Avenue, directly across from the women’s flagship. The entire men’s range is spread across four floors, and the intended experience is that of a walk-in closet.

Hermès Man

Next up is Coach, who will be opening its first men’s-only store tomorrow on… you guessed it, Bleeker Street in New York. Up until this point, Coach’s menswear assortment has been sold alongside women’s product. The store’s merchandise assortment will include accessories, small leather goods, footwear, outerwear and watches, and will also serve as a test store for emerging collections.


J.Crew is planning on opening it’s fourth men’s store on New York’s Madison Avenue in August or September this year. The store is apparently the result of success felt through the first 3 men’s-only stores in NYC and NJ, and CEO Mickey Drexler has been quoted saying that the men’s-only stores are “beyond the test phase”.


In case you needed further proof that men-only shops are a big deal, I’ve heard that Ralph Lauren is also planning to transform the Rhinelander mansion into a shop for men… Men’s-only stores? Keep them on your radar.


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