Adieu, Gen Art

Yesterday the founders of Gen Art, Ian and Stefan Gerard, sent out an e-mail announcing that they’re closing their doors after 16 years. The e-mail mentioned that after “struggling for the past 18 months since the economic crisis, Gen Art has finally succumbed to the recession.” Sad day indeed.

Throughout my years in New York, I always recall looking forward to Gen Art events, mainly the Fresh Faces fashion competitions, shopping nights with young designers and the Gen Art Film Festival. I’ve always loved seeking out fresh talent and Gen Art has been at the forefront of that long before the days of Project Runway and its many spin offs. Gen Art has been attributed to exposing the talent of designers Zac Posen, Rebecca Taylor, Rodarte, Philip Lim, Duckie Brown, Twinkle by Wenlan, Geren Ford and more. For that, they shall always be remembered.

Looking forward, and at New York’s grand contribution to fresh contemporary fashion, it will be interesting to see what new platforms emerge to cater to new talent.


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