Festival Hyères Day 1

So for the first time ever, I’m at the AMAZING Festival Hyères with my equally amazing co-worker JaZon. Don’t know about it? It’s an international fashion and photography competition where the likes of Viktor & Rolf, Gaspard Yurkievich and Felipe Oliveira Baptista have been discovered. A VERY BIG DEAL. What’s great is that it’s also intimate and so selective that virtually everything here is buzz worthy and needs to be on your radar. Here are my select highlights from day one of the exhibition. Check back tomorrow for more!

Steven Klein’s Your Hallucination Is Now Complete
While the photos below don’t do it justice, imagine these pictures and a ton more put together in a video sequence set to high-charged music pulsating faster than every second as images flash across the screen. You leave with a impression of Steven Klein’s most iconic works from 2001 – 2010, and an understanding of why Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Vogue have worked with the photographer to produce such bold campaigns.

Dries Van Noten
This festival, Dries Van Noten acts as President of the jury at Festival Hyères. Located in the pool room, projections appear on the walls and floor of the empty pool (seen through a glass floor). Subject matter includes old snapshots of life at Villa Noailles (where the festival is held) as well as images from Dries’ collections.

A Shaded View On Fashion Film from Diane Pernet
My friend JaZon summed this one up best.. Walking into this exhibit is like walking into a fun house at an amusement park. It’s all black, there are gauzy black strips of fabric hanging from the ceiling (very Diane) and neon green writing on the walls. You then walk into a mini seating area where “Irene the Queen of Lincoln Road” from director Eric Smith is playing. It’s about an eccentric old lady in Miami who makes her own outfits and over the course of the 90s is filmed doing her thing. Not really a fashion person, Irene proves to be pretty interesting, though I was kind of surprised that this was the film chosen for Hyères, out of all the other fashion films in the ASVOFF line-up.

Emmeline de Mooij & Anne de Vries
This evening, a special exhibit was held in the Tour des Templiers in Hyères’ old city center. In short, an ancient building with a modern photography exhibit. The photographers Emmeline de Mooij & Anne de Vries collaborated on this project which was my favorite exhibit of the day. Upon walking into the building it looked as through white sheets were hung about and videos were projected upon them. The ethereal yet colorful imagery was absolutely stunning and the setting was amplified by a chanting choir of men scattered throughout dressed in all white.


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